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Hale Editions 01: Will Burton, Rosslyn Park FC

Hale Editions 01: Will Burton, Rosslyn Park FC

Fresh from modelling our new menswear collection, Will Burton of Rosslyn Park FC talks exclusively to us about style, fitness and the game he loves.

Will wears the Piqué Shirt in Grey Melange
Photography @ianharrisonphoto
February 24, 2022

Firstly, how are you?

Very well thank you. I’ve just got back from a bit of a break (Skiing) after being given a week off training and playing which has been nice!

What would you say is your greatest extravagance?

Being honest, I’m not that much of an extravagant person. That’s a bit of a hard one… when I was about 17 I bought an Ice White watch. I’d seen David Guetta wearing it in a music video and that was it, I had to have it. I probably spent all the money I had at the time on that hideous looking watch.

Do you still have it?

No! I ended up losing it not long afterwards after a night out, which was pretty gutting.


What might other people say is your greatest virtue?

I’d like to think people would say I’m respectful. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no matter who they are or where they’re from.

What’s your worst vice?

Nothing crazy I’m afraid! Last year I got into a bit of a bad habit of ordering takeaways, specifically Nandos, pretty much every Friday night without fail. I’ve actually had to make it my New Years Resolution not to do that!

Favourite book or journal?

Probably a book, Structures: Or why things don’t fall down. It’s basically a bit of an idiots guide as to why massive structures that maybe we take a bit for granted, dams, skyscrapers and so on, don’t collapse. The extraordinary engineering behind the everyday, I suppose.

Who or what would you say has been your biggest influence?

My family for sure, they’re the ones that have really shaped me into the person I am today. More recently my partner – she’s a nurse in an intensive care ward at St Mary's Paddington. She’s obviously had a lot to deal with over the last couple of years, but the way she has dealt with it is admirable and certainly puts a lot of things into perspective for me. It’s also given me a bit more motivation and influence for how I approach things in my life.

What’s the one question you hate being asked?

'How tall are you!' I don’t think I’d say I hate it but being 6" 4' it does get a bit repetitive!

What music do you listen to motivate you ahead of a game or during a workout?

Anything electronic. When I’m in the gym or before a game, anything with a beat really. Just helps me focus and get into the zone. If I had to pick one it would be a track from last year, Apricots by Bicep. I think it was the soundtrack for a lot of people doing their couch to 5k's at the time!

Any heroes from when you were younger?

I was obsessed with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers when I was younger. I basically wanted to be in their band. I'm going to see them this year actually, I've been lucky enough to get tickets to see the tour at the London Stadium in June.

Would you have gone into any other sport if you hadn’t have pursued rugby?

The only other sport I used to play and actually still do play is cricket. More at a village level these days but I enjoy it. Tennis as well... one of my claims to fame is that I was runner up in the U8's county championship when I lived in Bristol (where I grew up). I love watching sport, mainly tennis and much to the frustration of a lot of the people I share a TV with, snooker. 

What’s it like being at Rosslyn Park – with the first XV on such a great run it must be an exciting time for the club?

It's a great atmosphere to be involved in as part of the squad. Hopefully they can continue their form and do something pretty special this year.

Has the club been promoted to the RFU Championship before?

I don't believe they have – at least not under the current setup and how it's been for the last few years with the Premiership and the Championship system. But promotion has been the ambition of the club for quite some time, everything is geared towards it. They've been close before, but to achieve it would be really exciting. I mainly play for the Rangers (2nd XV) but we're technically part of the first team squad – it's very much a 'all in it together' mentality so it's great to be part of that.

Rosslyn Park

How often do you train?

We train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the option to gym beforehand. Because of work I usually head to the gym for personal sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, and that's a bit of a mixture of weights and circuit training, stuff like that.

"If you're feeling mentally or physically sluggish going to training or the gym is a bit of an escape. It hits the reset button for me. I just feel a lot better, calmer and clear of mind."

Is eating well and staying fit and healthy important to you? Not just for the demands of rugby, but also personally?

Definitely. I think it makes a massive difference to your mental state, if you're feeling sluggish going to training or the gym is a bit of an escape. It hits the reset button for me. I just feel a lot better, calmer and clear of mind. In terms of diet, I'm pretty good during the week, I'll usually eat well and do my meal prep for lunches every day. I'm not the strictest person at weekends, and that can make a difference to my energy levels.

Any favourite recipes?

When I first moved to London, I used to make Cacio e Pepe a lot. (A simple, classic Italian pasta dish that translates as 'Cheese and pepper') It sounds straightforward but there's an art in getting the sauce right. It's all about the consistency – if you don't nail that then it's a disaster.


What's your favourite memory from your career so far?

One of my standout memories was playing for Exeter Uni. We used to play Bath every year and it was always a hard fought, tight affair. In my final year we had a great team, and we absolutely blew them away 41-0 with nearly four thousand people watching. We absolutely pumped them. It was a brilliant feeling and an even better night out afterwards. 

What's been your hardest challenge?

Probably juggling the rugby and my day job (a Civil Engineer). It's been pretty challenging the last couple of years, a lot of late nights and unsociable hours, and then trying to fit training, playing in as well as a social life. But I enjoy it, even though there's very little time for me to have to myself. I've recently got pretty good at taking power naps!

What do you like to do to relax and switch off?

During spring and summer we love to go down to Devon, get out of London and enjoy a bit of surfing, sea air and generally just having some quality time away from the day to day.

How important is it for you to look and feel good off the pitch?

Very. I find it gives me a bit of a confidence boost if I'm feeling and looking great.

What would be your go to outfit for a night out?

Something simple. Casual but smart. Classic influences for me are people like Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, basically anyone who can pull off that very simplistic t-shirt, trousers combination.




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