Our story

We started out with a simple sketch and one clear goal: Create a range of menswear designed specifically for guys like us.

The beginning

Fed up with always having to compromise with our clothing; shirts that were always too boxy, jeans that were too tight... we decided to create a menswear range that not only had a better feel and fit, but was 100% designed for us.

For men like us

As sport and fitness fanatics, we’d always experienced problems when buying menswear. The constant feeling of frustration after trying on clothes that failed to fit became exasperating. We loved our gym gear, but didn't want to wear it all the time. When we went for something smarter, it didn't fit.

Falling back on performance or loose fitting clothing was often limiting and uninspiring. We wanted a choice of post-activity menswear that felt good, looked great and complimented our body shape.

Greg Randall, Co-founder

Time for a change

We’d had enough of having to ‘make do’ with jeans that were too tight, or shirts that fit our arms but were boxy around the waist.

Why were we being penalised? Why was it so hard to find quality menswear that we could trust as much as our technical gear?


We collaborated with like minded people from the health, fitness and sport industries to help perfect our approach – gaining a deeper understanding of the athletic body shape and identifying what they, and we, really want from our menswear.


Fits well

Designed for us

How we did it

We analysed the athletic physique in detail, prototyping, iterating testing – studying as many body shapes as possible then combining the learnings with our extensive experience within the menswear industry.

Freedom of movement

Understated and elegant, ‘Freedom of movement’ is our inspiration to craft clothing that respects your body shape. Comfortable, tailored and stylish – not elastic, synthetic or skin tight.


We're proud of our products, which are crafted using the finest natural materials in partnership with industry renowned suppliers in Portugal. As an independent British company we sell directly to you, which means we're able to cut wholesale and avoid sales, keeping our pricing honest.

We’re just getting started, and we want you to be part of the journey

Ideas or feedback? We’d love to hear from you.
Contact us at support@haleclothing.co.uk or on Insta, Facebook and Twitter.